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Kingshall Furniture

Kingshall furniture is a family run business which now specializes in web based furniture sales.   We have long been established as furniture retailers and wholesalers from our Buckinghamshire warehouse and showroom.  We began in Sydney Australia where we worked for Kingshall Furniture within the retail arm of the business. Having decided to set up on our own company we moved back to the UK and set up Kingshall Furniture as an independent furniture business.  

Having established ourselves as premier suppliers of teak garden furniture ( we have now launched our new website dedicated to oak dining furniture and oak bedroom furniture.   On this site we are looking to offer high end quality oak dining furniture and oak bedroom furniture.   The difference with us is that we are aiming to offer our oak furniture at discounted prices.   We are able to do this through a combination of factures including, direct sourcing, low margins and our low cost distribution and storage.  

It is our aim to become known for our honest pricing and good quality products delivered on time and to our customer’s satisfaction.   We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations at every level.   We stock many of our oak dining sets as well as the oak bedside cabinets, oak chest of drawers and oak wardrobes.   Where it is not possible to stock goods we will let the customer know at the soonest opportunity and remain in touch until the transaction is complete.   We are a small company and customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority.  

Please note that we are purely an internet business and do not have a showroom.