Lets Support the Fight against Trees Killer Fungus

You might have heard about the government’s call to save a third of Britain’s trees from killer fungus, the deadly ash dieback disease that threatens to bring devastation to our forests. The disease is now a major alert in this country, considering that one-third of our woodland trees are of the ash family. Ash trees are medium to large size trees of frazinus genus and of Oleaceae family. Once the disease spreads, the trees will either die and rot or have to be destroyed to prevent worse outbreak. Consequently, this will harm wider eco-system. It’s so sad. As a company that really knows the value of woodland trees and the importance of their sustainability, Kingshall Furniture really worries about this threat. We really hope the scientists, or whoever capable of dealing with the fungus, will soon find solution to get rid of the deadly disease in away to save our forests.

So far, reports said that around 100,000 trees have been burnt in away to prevent the possible worse spreading of the fungus. Identified as Chalara fraxinea, the fungus might have been carried by wind from mainland Europe. The first case of this disease was found in Poland 20 years ago, which then has been gradually spreading across Europe. Minister of environment has ruled a ban on importing ash tree saplings into the UK. Will this help? Though it has been likely so late, let’s pray it will, while again and again expecting there would be soon a breaking-through invention on how to curb the diseases effectively. And now what we can do to take part in saving our rich eco-system?  We are encouraged to report trees showing the following symptoms:

•    Dead tops and/or side shoots.
•    At the base of dead side shoots, lesions can often be found on the subtending branch or stem
•    Lesions which girdle the branch or stem can cause wilting of the foliage
•    Dieback of the shoots and twigs at the periphery of their crowns. Dense clumps of foliage may be seen further back on branches where recovery shoots are produced.
•    In late summer and early autumn , fruiting bodies of Hymenoscyphus can be found on blackened leaf stalks of ash in damp areas of leaf litter beneath tree
For more complete information about this, you can directly access www.forestry.gov.uk

Kingshall Furniture Products Are the Best Money Can Buy

It’s now November. Two months to go before the closing of this year. As annually happens during this moment, some friends ask the same question from year to year, “How’s your business this year? Running well, my friend?” They trusted Kingshall Furniture even more, I have been really grateful to all my clients and team, I replied. I feel really blessed with all achievement, sales and partnerships this year. The growth is significant enough to be able to pop the champagne corks. Wider acknowledgement, high customers’ satisfaction, sales growth, the coming of new models, the great work of the team, and fruitful partnerships are among the blessings I could mention.  I am very happy, so are all team members here, but our passion speaks louder: We should make this growth sustainable, and we are ready to serve even better next year.

Entering the third quarter of this year, the light of happiness and optimism has also started shining through the Great Britain, following the rising GDP by 1 percent to its highest point in the last five years. The growth has been much better than the predicted increase of 0.6 percent by some economists. This is really good news, my friends, and thanks to the Olympics Games that has contributed a lot to this. Though it’s still a beginning, and all stakeholders still have a long way to go and to work hard to ensure its sustainability, this positive growth would give many businesses the confidence to invest.  We are already on the right track.

About the importance of sustainability, we share the same view here at Kingshall Patio Furniture. The principle of sustainability has become one of our most important commitments. It’s been strongly attached to our environment policy. All of our furniture is produced using the finest plantation materials, both rattan and wood, and is certified as being from sustainable sources.  All our products are all about the best money can buy due to the great design, optimum function, and finest quality.

Understanding the Latest Trends for Rattan Day Beds

Here, at Kingshall Furniture, we know very well that the trends of the rattan day beds are continuously changing. In order to offer our customers the most modern day beds, we struggle to get the latest creations, which come along with splendid curves, impressive ergonomic lines, and beautiful colour combinations. Some of our latest propositions deliver the best possible rattan day beds, which allow you to spoil yourself without spending a fortune on them.

One of the most modern, beautiful, comfortable, and affordable rattan day bed is our Emerald Rattan Daybed. This piece proposes great comfort with its deep cushioning.   We love this piece as it is not only great for relaxing, it also looks great.  It has a splendid colour combination, which brings chocolate brown rattan with light beige cushions.  Our Emerald Day Bed is big enough (210cm) to accommodate two persons. Today, you can have this wonderful outdoor furniture piece for £549.00.

Although trends come and go, the producer of this rattan day bed assures our beloved customers that it will never go out of fashion. This is one more reason why you may find it very hard to resist its charm. Recently, the rattan day beds have been making quite a big splash in the U.K. Obviously, if you have already invested your money in rattan chairs and tables, you’ll know the benefits for our all weather range.   Might this daybed be the finishing touch to your garden?  If it is give us a call or visit the website for more details.  www.zebranorattan.co.uk

Life Is about Making Your Dreams Come True

I have always been a bit of a dreamer.  I am a great believer that there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer.  Here comes a bit of philosophy for you on this Friday afternoon…..“Hope is a waking dream,” Aristotle said. The basic concept is that hope opens the way of making the dreams become reality.  Check out British Soprano Sarah Brightman, who confessed herself as a dream chaser, is now about making her childhood dream comes true. Since she was a little girl, she wanted to go to space.  Recent reports said that she has already begun medical assessment and training at the Russian Federal Space Agency to join the multi-million dollar orbital tour in 2015.

Many of us dream of the perfect house or even a holiday home in the sun.  These dreams can become a reality if you put your mind to it.  Only recently a friend from school managed to buy a villa in Spain and is now looking to furnish the patio with one of our garden furniture sets.  He has always been mad on a Spanish holiday home and I am delighted that he has realized his dream.  Hopefully we can help finish things off with some stunning patio furniture.

Chasing dreams, in some ways, is like planting a trees.  It begins with a very small seed that is fully covered by soil, unseen from the surface, but having the power of life within. We need to cultivate the land, to maintain and to take care of it seriously until it grows bigger and bigger.

Kingshall Furniture, who always dreams of being able to deliver the very best furniture sets for our clients, sees this process every time we take a trip to our suppliers in Indonesia.  Teak trees are constantly grown in plantations that are cultivated every year.  It takes 30 years to reach the optimum size for furniture production but many thousands are planted each year so a harvest takes place every year.

Combining the best material with best design and craftsmanship, Kingshall Furniture can offer you the finest teak garden furniture sets, including the Windsor Teak Round Table.
Available with eight chairs, this Windsor Teak Round Table is made available to meet your dreams on the best furniture for your home. The round table is always the best for entertaining, much more social we think.  Every guest can see each other and conversation flows from eye contact.  The lazy suzy adds to this party set up and provided you have the space this Windsor suite is a sure winner.

A Ceaseless Pursuit for Excellence

The world is a never-ending arena for improvements.  Here at Kingshall we do try to have a similar philosophy.  We are constantly striving to improve.  There is always something that needs improving that’s for sure.  As a small family business we try to maximize any technological advances to our advantage.  Very often we use clever computer software to our advantage and without some of the computer advances our website would not be the fantastic shopping experience that it is.  

Ordinary furniture is now infused with innovative designs and features and here at Kingshall it is no different.  We have forged ahead with some of the latest materials available to create our all weather rattan furniture for instance.   If you had said a five years ago that we would be making rattan garden furniture from an all weather synthetic rattan weave people would have struggled to believe it.   Today it is our best selling range!

We have consistently given our well-priced products the comfort which our consumers deserve. Our teak benches and rattan daybeds are extremely acknowledged not only for their ability to make gardens aesthetically appealing but also for their capabilities to create that serene communion of man with nature.   Well when placed in the right spot they do anyway.

The garden furniture industry of course is not so cutting edge as say the medical industry.  Check this out for an impressive invention….  Electronics that are ultra-thin have been devised to be melted inside the body after helping to keep the wound clean.  According to a research study published in the Science journals, the melt away devices have been initially used to heat up wounds so that bacteria would not thrive on them. The electronics, which is made of magnesium oxide and silicon, is placed on the outer layer of the skin. After the heating process, the devices vanish.  Brilliant!

According to the developers of this technology, there are two scientific enhancements which are entailed in the use of the device: the first one refers to the melting of the electronics and the second pertains to the creation of a shell to manage the melting. Scientists from the University of Illinois have regarded this innovation as an intervention to open-wound infection. The idea is to cover the wound with the electronics before it naturally closes. And once the wound is already protected from bacteria, the device melts away.

It’s unbelievable what they come up with these days and tomorrow it will get even more impressive.  We work hard to bring you the best possible garden furniture and where possible we try to incorporate technology to make the results even better for our customers.

The Great Outdoors – Easy Way to Reduce Depression

Life is not always sweet. Just like the sky above, sometimes it becomes so cloudy, blocking the sun away from our presence. A study carried out recently by the European Depression Association (DPA) had also shown part of black cloud shadowing the lives of some British workers. The study noted that British workers are the most likely to be diagnose with depression in Europe, among others marked by the highest percentage of time off as a result of depression, reaching 41 days on average compared to European mean of 36. It also recorded 26 percent of them had received the diagnosis from their GP (General Practitioners), compared to 12 per cent in Italy. The conclusion was drawn from a survey named as the Impact of Depression in the Workplace in Europe Audit (IDEA). This survey was carried out through polling with more than 7,000 samples in Europe. Detail results of the IDEA survey will be published next year.

Depression is indeed a serious condition that affects our body, mind and thinking ability. Scientifically, this condition is believed to be associated with a lack or imbalance of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. How to make it balance than?

Feeling down is a natural part of life. Occasionally, I myself also feel blue or sad. But when such moment comes, I don’t want to be there for long. I am very lucky to have a great family and two great kids so I try to think of them and I find the best way to relax and do just that is to get outside amoung nature.  We have a great forest near us that always makes me think more positively.  Soaking up the sun is another proven method to get the old Vitamin D into our bodys and to try to stay positive.  Check out our Pescara Sun Loungers while enjoying the sun and some peaceful music.

You are reliant on the sun to really make the sun lounger work of course so in the darker winter months try music to take away the blues.  Aparently good music is also believed of being able to reduce depression because it can engage us in ways that words cannot.

If the sun lounger option takes your fancy they are made from a fully weatherproof pvc rattan that is very versatile. It is designed to be resistant to extremes of heat. With the UV light resistant,  the colored rattan does not fade. You need not worry about the maintenance. This lounge set is light, durable and low maintenance, and you can easily wash off any dust or dirt with water. When you buy this, you will have two Pescara loungers with arms, two beige cushions and one coffee table including glass top where you can neatly place your refreshing and rejuvenating beverage. Don’t you want to try this?

Lewis Hamilton Leaves McLaren and Joins Mercedes!

It’s really unpredictable! I had just written about how Louis Hamilton was very much the apple of McLarens eye before I got surprised after hearing news that Hamilton decided on Thursday (27/9) to leave McLaren and joined Mercedes for a three-year deal.  His decision leads me to wonder how the upcoming Grand Prix will pan out. With his presence, will Mercedes be able to beat McLaren? Do McLaren have any plan B for such unexpected news?

However, when we talk about furniture, I have no doubt about the quality of Kingshall Furniture.  I have no questions! The fantastic Rattan Garden Apple will remain the apple of my partner’s eye, and so is with this rattan Emerald Garden Daybeds. With its large comfortable cushions for relaxing, I can always be the champion of each day. While both McLaren and Mercedes are still preparing their best cars, this Daybeds have been able to meet your expectation. The frames are all weather rattan weaved around a powder coated frame and the cushions are zipped for easy care. It has even been designed to survive outdoors all year round.

Rattan garden furniture has been the most popular garden furniture sold over the last couple of years due to its style and the fact that it needs little or no maintenance. The Emerald rattan garden daybed is a very versatile daybed. The design is also great. You can easily separate sofa and footstools and use the footstools for extra seating or you can simply use it as a daybed. Once you buy this, you will have your own 2 seater sofa which converts into a round day bed, which are available in brown or black rattan. And that already includes beige seat and back cushions.

No matter who will win the Grand Prix,  Kingshall Furniture have won the race for gardan furniture!

Renewable Energy On the Increase

Good news comes from the latest quarterly statistic report issued by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The statistic report showed the soaring output capacity of UK renewable energy by 42% to 14.2 GW over the past year.  I was looking at the possibility of solar panels in my roof as it seems to me that not only is it good environmentally but its good in the long run on my pocket.  We do try to make our furniture with the same idea.

The rapid growth followed after the opening of a raft of new on and off shore wind farms and the conversion of the Tilbury B power station to biomass. Amid low rainfall and winds, this is quite promising, as it could have even been stronger if the weather is conducive.
In a situation where the price of natural gas is high, focusing on the development of renewable energy is indeed wise. This can reduce fears from other possibility to meet the demand of energy using more polluting coal power.

On the Garden Furniture front Kingshall look to not only be environmentaly friendly but also to make furniture that is very long lasting.  The teak is the best of both worlds.   Our teak garden furniture takes 30 years to grow in its plantations and durring this time it it flat our converting carbon dioxide into Oxygen.  Once it reaches the age where it can be used for furniture it is cropped and then replaced with a new set of sapplings.  And so the process goes on.  Not only is teak good for the environment it also lasts a huge amount of time and therefore does not need replacing every year.

JK Rowling’s New Novel moves into a different Genre.

After selling around 450 million Harry Potter books worldwide, today JK Rowling is ready to launch her brand-new novel entitled ‘The Casual Vacancy’.  Surprisingly, the genre she has chosen for this new novel is really different from the genre of her best-selling Harry Potter. Instead of a series of magical tales, this Casual Vacancy is a very grown-up novel that deals with warfare, prostitution, heroin addiction.

Speaking about the change of the genre, she says that as a writer she is free to write what she wants to write. For her, it is not merely about sex or related things, but what she has obsessed more is about the mortality and morality. The novel is about a big story in a pretty small town that actually hides various wars:  the war between the rich and the poor, teenagers and their parents, wives and husbands, and teachers and pupils.
If you are ready to wage a war with the British weather and are determined to sit comfortably in your garden then our teak Oval Extension Table remains available.  With its easy to open and close mechanism you can choose 4 seats, or you can also extend it for 6 seats.  This table is really perfect for family use. Not to mention, the extension leaf folds neatly into the table itself and therefore requires no storage. With this Teak Oval Extension Table, you also need not worry to face wars with weather and termites.  Teak has a very high oil content and is resistant to water which and its these special qualities that have made Teak wood the preferred choice for marine decking and construction as well as garden furniture.
However, you should beware of cheap and illegal teakwood sets that are offered by many websites. To win the war for your family, you should make sure to have this set only from Kingshall Furniture!

The (Rattan) Apple of your eye.

It would appear that Louis Hamilton is very much the apple of McLarens eye.  McLaren has reportedly improved the monetary offer for Lewis Hamilton in bid to keep him remaining at his current team for next year’s Grand Prix. As a great racer, who is so fast in a Formula-One car, Hamilton is indeed the apple of McLaren’s eye. Not only for McLaren actually, but also for other supercar automotive that expect him to be able to join their teams.  For this effort, McLaren is believed to have increased its offer by 2.5 million to 15 million Euros.

Meanwhile, although the 2013 Formula 1 British Grand Prix is scheduled to take place in June 28-30, the tickets are already offered in a way to provide F1 lovers more choices and to give better value for their money by selecting favorite viewing locations.  Formula 1 Grand Prix has indeed become one of the most amazing and exclusive events. Those who love this event and know well about the quality will not be reluctant to spend their money to obtain the best viewing location.

My Father in Law loves the Grand Prix and assures me it offers the best value for money.  Last week he jokes that it was even better value for money than Kingshall Furniture!  I said I doubted that and assured him that here at Kingshall you always get value for money for your garden furniture.  Actually we gave him one of our two seater teak Lloyd benches not so long ago so he is well aware of the quality on offer!

When you want to wisely spend your money for the finest and best furniture, Kingshall Furniture knows well how to treasure it by providing only best and finest furniture sets. For all rattan based furniture sets, Kingshall makes them completely weather resistant and can be left outdoors all year round.

When Lewis Hamilton becomes the apple of McLaren’s eyes, you can also become the apple of your partner’s eye. Buy the fantastic Rattan Garden Apple! And for sure both of you will really love it. This garden apple easily fits two adults with room to spare. If you have kids, they will love this too.  With this beautiful Rattan Garden Apple, you can imagine yourself with your beloved one, or also with your kids sitting very comfortably while playing and relaxing. The available fantastic canopy will also gives you some protection from the sun.   Are you ready to become the apple of the eye?